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Improving Your Quality of Hire With MindField Group

Employee Engagement Infographic

 “Every piece of data we collect delivers a better hire for our customers.” 

At MindField Group, we don't believe in a one size fits all assessment. That's why we work with our clients to ensure that we're constantly improving the quality of their hires by validating each and every individual that goes through our assessment process. 

Hiring Made Simple With MindField Group

“All a Hiring Manager needs to do is open a job with us and show up on time for the interview to make a great hire.” 

Consistently hiring great front-line staff is hard. Hiring Managers are burdened with many tasks including training, driving revenue and hitting sales targets. We wanted to simplify the process of finding and hiring top talent.

Attracting Top Hourly Talent With MindField Group


“We’ve spent the past 8 years developing a unique methodology and proprietary processes in how we source great talent for our customers.” 

Hourly employers are challenged with consistently hiring great talent for their organizations. At MindField Group, we have created proprietary processes that allow us to source and screen great talent for our customers. Using a data driven approach, we are able to continously improve workforce quality and maximize our clients ROI. Our combination of people, process and technology sets us apart and allows us to attract and deliver top talent to our customers. 

Make Better Hires With a Data Driven Approach

data driven hiring

Cutting Out the Guesswork

Have you identified which employees may be at high risk for leaving? Companies have the ability to gauge a candidate’s likelihood of turning over by collecting key data during the recruitment process. Implementing assessments into your recruitment process can be the catalyst for a data driven hiring strategy. By collecting key pieces of data from the candidate before and after they are hired, companies can build a predictive model that allows hiring decisions to be based on hard facts versus gut feelings or impressions.

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Stop Hiring Disengaged Employees

predicting turnoverFinding employees who will stay committed to and engaged with your organization is not only possible, but predictable. Many organizations view employee engagement as a job falling under management’s responsibilities to grow. However, employee engagement is a two way street and can not only be grown but also found. Assessing a candidate before they are hired can reveal essential “Will Do” qualities that predict likelihood of engagement. These key qualities already live within the individual. Additionally, an employee’s engagement level post hire is a combination of the type of person who was hired and how they were grown while in the role. 

Measuring How Employee Turnover Occurs

Gaining a holistic view on a candidate includes being able to predict outcomes of on the job performance, as well as their likelihood of engagement and turnover. We use two buckets to measure candidates for success. The first is their “Can Do” attributes such as abilities, skills, knowledge and experience, but more importantly we measure their “Will Do” attributes which include attitudes, motivations and personality. These “Will Do” attributes help us more accurately predict engagement and the likelihood that an employee will not turnover within the first X amount of days. 

Predicting Employee Turnover Before a Hire is Made

retail turnover

Imagine assessing a candidate’s performance AND their likelihood of turning over before they were hired.

In 2013, MindField Group implemented a custom assessment into the recruitment process of one of our largest retail clients. The assessment was put in place to gain a holistic view of candidates and better predict their future performance. This client, like most retailers, faced high levels of turnover within their front-line staff. Most notably, they were seeing a high percentage turning over within the first 90 days of being hired.

Knowing this issue ahead of time, we saw an opportunity to further build out their assessment process to not only predict a candidate’s performance and likelihood of engagement, but also their potential to turnover within the first 90 days. We rolled out the assessment to include five key questions associated with predicting turnover that we could later correlate with actual employee turnover results.

Creating Multiple Hurdles To Find the Best

We took a sample of 22,000 applicants who had completed the assessment within the year and analyzed the 1,000 hires that were made. We framed up the turnover results we saw within the first 90 days of employment and identified key characteristics and traits that correlated with those employees who had turned over. The results allowed us to build out a turnover predictor key within the assessment. We now have the ability to measure candidates with a multiple hurdle approach, measuring for performance first (hurdle #1) and then likelihood of turnover (hurdle #2) to improve the quality of hires made.

Employee Engagement Can Be Predicted

employee engagement
Are your employees engaged or are they leaving after less than a year?

Every organization struggles with employee engagement. But have you ever attributed a disengaged staff with hiring the wrong types of people from the get go? Companies customarily focus on growing employee engagement once a new hire has started. Often, disregarding the opportunity to measure and predict the likelihood of an employee’s engagement level BEFORE a hire is made.

Gary Boun Joins MindField Group as Business Systems Manager

gary bounSince 2006, MindField Group has provided Canada’s top hourly employers with recruitment solutions focused on improving the quality of their workforce. MindField Group is pleased to announce the addition of a key member to our growing team, Gary Boun as Business Systems Manager.

As Business Systems Manager, Gary will oversee the technical vision of MindField Group. He will help to conceive, design and deploy the day to day technology projects. Additionally, Gary will proactively identify business process improvements and increase efficiency in the data, tools and procedure changes to deliver desired results.

Operating as Director of Operations and Information Systems, Gary was responsible for central operations at airG overseeing information systems, network infrastructure, IT services and customer relations. Prior to airG, Gary worked as a Creative and Technology Consultant for Sunday Morning Studio and a Technology Infrastructure Manager at Lululemon.  “We are excited to add to our team a senior technology leader with a passion for customer success and project management. His experience and background in operations, IT and customer service will be a fundamental asset to our growing team” says Cameron Laker, CEO & Co-Founder.

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You're Writing Job Descriptions for the Wrong Audience

job description

Are you having a hard time filling positions? You may have a multitude of candidates applying to your job openings but find their skills, experience and wage expectations are failing to match your needs. As you sort through endless candidate resumes looking for the perfect fit, your time to hire is high and your advertising costs are continuing to rise.

You’re Hiring the Wrong People and It’s Hurting Your Business

hiring the wrong people

Hiring based off of gut instincts is subject to personal bias whether we are conscious of it or not. Many hiring managers base their selection off of the likeability and appearance of a candidate in an interview, or the pressing need for an extra body on the sales floor. However, selecting employees based off of instincts has no proven way of ensuring you are hiring for success and alternatively may be costing your business substantial amounts of money and resources. 

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